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Pink Billing Solutions

Simplify Your Billing Process with Us

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About Pink Billing Solutions

Pink Billing solutions has been created BY artists, FOR artists to be able to file insurance for medically necessary treatments such as 3D areola tattooing and certain scar camouflaging services.

You the artist will become an independent contractor for Pink Billing Solutions. Our company will be credentialed with the insurance companies allowing you to only need an NPI number.  Our team of professional medical billers pre-authorize , dispute, and collect reimbursements for you. Your portion of every claim is 80%.

This is HUGE because Sherah, owner of Pink Billing Solutions has worked for over twenty years and was only compensated 50% of insurance claims. This means that the artist gets to lay claim to more of their hard earned money. Please keep in mind when educating your patients about insurance coverage that their deductibles do apply. If they have not met their annual deductible, they will be responsible for payment.

We are so excited to be able to help you and your patients have access to the treatment they need and the quality they deserve. 

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